Friday, 20 February 2015

Marriage in Malawi

So, Malawi has finally managed to change an outdated law that allowed girls to be married at 15 with parental consent (H/T DAWNS Digest).

This seems to be a good thing - although lawmakers who think regulating marriage age is going to solve HIV in Malawi is a little worrying.

However, there seems to be a backlash. Wait, it's not what you think; traditional leaders oppose the bill because they think 18 is too young for girls [emphasis added] to marry. They're pushing for 21.

At which point, reading some of the comments, everything degenerates and one begins to wonder if those who think feminism isn't necessary would like to spend some time in Malawi. A choice example from the VOA article:

"I am not in support of that because at the age of 18, most of the girls are young and they can’t be able to make independent decisions."

There also appears to be a conflict with the constitution, so sounds like the debate (if it can be called that) will continue.

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