Tuesday, 11 February 2014

CAR Crisis Set To Get Worse And How We Tell The Story

I'm just going to leave these here, side-by-side, and see if anyone else feels that same niggling uneasiness with the way some media outlets are slanting this story:

Aid organisations have warned that the continued exodus ofMuslims from the Central African Republic (CAR) could lead to a catastrophic market collapse.Violence between the Christian majority and Muslims has torn the country apart since a coup last year. Tens of thousands of Muslims have already fled the country to neighbouring Cameroon and Chad.
Meat is already scarce because cattle herders have fled into the bush and, when available, it is twice as expensive as it was, says the BBC's West Africa correspondent Thomas Fessy.
Many of the Muslims chased out by Christian militias were the backbone of the local economy, he adds.

Traders flee as widespread violence pushes Central AfricanRepublic into major food crisisViolence in Central African Republic has seen many large traders and herders targeted and chased from the country, raising fears of a market collapse  that would exacerbate the current food crisis, warned international aid organisations today.
Most of Bangui’s food trade relies on around 40 large-scale wholesalers who import food from neighbouring countries and resell on to small traders. A survey conducted by Oxfam and Action Contre La Faim in Bangui’s main wholesale market shows that fewer than ten now remain. Even those remaining said they would flee too if security does not improve quickly.

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