Monday, 4 November 2013

The US, The UN and The Alamo

This story is funny all by itself. Seriously, anyone who thinks the UN is out to take over their national heritage sites has way too much faith in the organising abilities of the UN.

The really interesting bit, though, is the stuff stuff at the bottom about the fact that the USA hasn't paid UNESCO dues in two years because UNESCO recognizes Palestine:
Next week, the USA is poised to lose its vote at UNESCO and in so doing, lose a great deal of influence over UNESCO’s day-to-day work–like World Heritage Site designations. That’s because the USA has not paid its annual dues to UNESCO in two years due to a decades old law that prohibits American dues payments to UN entities that accept Palestine as a member. In October 2011, UNESCO member states admitted Palestine and so this old legislation kicked in. Since then,  the USA has not paid its share of UNESCO’s operations, like Tsunami early warning systems, Holocaust education, and World Heritage preservation.  Congress has the power to reverse this policy, but so far it has not.  Until it does, the USA will be sitting on the sidelines at UNESCO. 
How bizarre. I mean, I know the US has an unfortunate tendency to conflate everything else with politics but this just sounds like an excuse not to pay dues to an organisation doing awesome work that helps all people instead of lining the pockets of lobbyists and capitalist overlords. But perhaps I'm just in a bad mood.  

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