Sunday, 10 November 2013

60,000 Refugees Expelled from Uganda

Africa Review is reporting that 60,000 refugees were "expelled" from a camp in Uganda near the DRC border. Headline: "0ver 60,000 Congolese refugees ‘expelled’ from Uganda".

The article suggests that the refugees were forced to return to the DRC after they refused to move to a new camp that was significantly further away from the border. It's unclear whether the refugees were actually expelled from Uganda, as the article's headline suggests.

Although the Congolese Government appears (according to Ugandan mediators) to be on the verge of signing a peace deal with M23, these particular refugees fled to Uganda after fighting between FARDC and the ADF around Beni, so the M23 deal probably won't make their home communities any safer. As the article says, "Around 800 people including local chiefs and teachers were also kidnapped and are still missing". Which would make a move by Uganda to expel them from the country very troubling.

Either way, pretty awful for the 60,000 people who now return to a volatile and dangerous situation.

60,000 was the number generally quoted of refugees who fled to Uganda from the DRC in July 2013.

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