Thursday, 3 October 2013

Malawi Food Insecurity (Again)

Malawi's government has said the country does not have enough maize in its silos. Maize is the staple food and the announcement signals a threat to food security in the southeastern African nation of 14 million people.
From this article.

The article goes on to say that shortages are the result of floods and drought. But leaving aside that simplistic interpretation of cause, the situation really does appear to be becoming more and more serious. The government is starting to ration maize sales. Retail maize prices have doubled since May 2013 and are likely to keep rising as other prices (e.g. fuel) remain high, pushing retailers to increase mark-ups in order to remain competitive.

Not looking at all good for the country hard hit by famine just 10 years ago.

Update: It looks like the WFP and the Government of Malawi are launching relief operations: here

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