Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Mozambique To Supply Power To Namibia

Power remains a significant constraint to (economic) development in Southern Africa. Many nations, including Namibia, have plans in the works to upgrade their electricity generating and supply capabilities. In the meantime, lack of power limits growth in many sectors. Mozambique, however, is moving forward rapidly in this area on the back of recent natural gas discoveries and very welcome investment in the country. Now Mozambique looks set to provide power to Namibia. The power will be produced by the gas fired power station at Ressano Garcia on the border with South Africa and will travel across to Namibia along transmission lines owned by Mozambican electricity company EDM and South African power parastatal ESKOM. The plan involves an expansion of the plant in order to produce the required 122 megawatts of power that will be exported. A wide variety of stakeholders are also involved, from British company Aggreko, who operate the plant to South African company Sasol, responsible for extracting the gas.

This is definitely big news:
Cited in an Aggreko press release, the company's regional managing director, David Taylor-Smith, declared that the Ressano Garcia undertaking “is the largest cross-border power station in the world”.
Also great to see regional regional trade playing a key role in solving some of Southern Africa's problems.

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