Monday, 19 August 2013

One Step Closer To Elections In Madagascar

Madagascar has been in crisis since a coup in 2009 (and possibly for a while before that, but hey, who's counting?). A long-awaited election seemed likely to derail after the current present (who took power in the 2009 coup), the wife of one former president (who took power in the 2002 coup) and another former president (who ruled for 23 years and was ousted in the 2002 coup). Now Madagascar's special electoral court has ruled that none of the three can contest the election. This may make it possible for the August 23 elections to take place, assuming they can get the logistics sorted out in time. This would be a step forward for Madagascar.

On a completely unrelated note, what exactly is this sentence doing in a serious news article?
The East African island is hilly and lush with rice paddies. It is renowned for its rain forests that feature a rare level of biodiversity, including endemic lemurs. 

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