Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Malawi Preparing For Another Hungry Year

The lean season is approaching for Southern Africa and already warnings are being issued of hunger and food insecurity in various countries. Namibia is currently in the midst of a serious drought affecting hundreds of thousands of people. Malawi is also bracing for trouble with "the Malawi Vulnerability Assessment Committee (MVAC) - composed of the government, UN agencies and NGOs - predicted that 21 of the country’s 28 districts will face varying degrees of food insecurity until the next harvest in March 2014". Interesting and really important point (see IRIN article) also that MVAC is predicting this food insecurity while also predicting a surplus in maize production, highlighting the fact that the total grain production in a country like Malawi does not necessarily correlate with (or ensure) food access for all the people of that country.

Over the next few months, NGOs and UN agencies will be calling for support for the hundreds of thousands in Southern Africa who will be affected by hunger and food insecurity again this year. Most of these calls will probably be drowned out by louder, sexier emergencies. For the affected populations, it'll be just another hungry season.

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