Friday, 30 August 2013

DRC, Rwanda, South Africa: Collection of Links

African war is, for a change, a big story in South Africa today. Some backgrounders and some articles:

- African Defence Review article detailing the first day or so of the FIB in action: The FIB Goes To War

- Africa Review article on the tension between Rwanda and Tanzania: Kikwete asks Museveni to tell Kagame to cool off

- BBC article on Rwanda's increasingly aggressive rhetoric: DR Congo unrest: UN chief urges Rwanda 'restraint'

- News24 article on UN request for South Africa to send additional artillery

- Analysis from Simon Allison at Daily Maverick on the risks and rationale for South Africa's involvement

- Mail & Guardian report on the fighting, South Africa's involvement and the statements from the South African National Defence Force (SANDF)

- Eye Witness News article on the press briefing from the SANDF's Chief Joint Operations Officer Lieutenant General Derrick Mgwebi

Keep in mind that South Africa is a country not used to being at war with anyone but itself so much of the reporting and analysis from the country (including some media houses) is still rather nervous and fairly easily shocked. That said, particularly interesting stories emerging from several sources (e.g. here) that a South African sniper team is picking off rebel commanders and/or attempting to disrupt supply routes across the border with Rwanda. If true, this definitely signals the clear and significant shift from the protection mandate of other peacekeepers to active, intentional intervention.

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