Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Namibia Facing Food Shortages

The latest FAO GIEWS Country Briefing for Namibia indicates the country is moving towards serious shortages and rising and widespread food insecurity. The north west is expected to see a 50% fall in cereal production as a result of poor rains and army worm infestation. The north east will produce less than the 2012 flood-affected harvest. Livestock losses have also begun with 4000 livestock deaths and emergency selling being recorded.
A following inter-agency food security assessment in April (the full report is yet to be released), found that over 300 000 persons are food insecure, as a result of the impact of the drought. In response, the Government declared a national emergency and has initiated several interventions to tackle the current conditions, including food aid distributions, as well as a Grazing Subsidy to prevent further livestock losses

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