Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Things That Are Happening In Southern Africa

Clippings from Southern African news:
  • US$1.8 million to strengthen the capacity of Angolan NGOs to fight malaria in the country (in a somewhat garbled story that doesn't seem to identify the donors, unless I'm missing something. Although there is a passing reference to a certain oil company...)
  • Joyce Banda visited Zim and, according to the Herald, hailed Zimbabwe for its land reform programme and economic empowerment initiatives it is implementing saying they had uplifted the livelihoods of the majority". Really, Madam President?
  • The bottled water scandal that hit Zimbabwe last year has resurfaced, this time in Botswana where Zim water bottlers' produces are apparently being sold
  • Madagascar's former president, Didier Ratsirakawill (ousted 2002) will be contesting the country's presidential elections in July. Also, the former first lady, wife of Marc Ravalomanana (ousted 2009). What could possibly go wrong?
In South Africa, meanwhile, the ruling party, the military, the foreign affairs department and a whole lot of journalists are trying to figure out how permission was obtained for a private charter flight bringing guests to the wedding of a particularly wealthy (and possibly not squeaky clean) family was allowed to land at a major airforce base. The defense force this morning denied that they would ever give permission for this (raising concerning questions about whether someone just forgot to check the papers of the Boeing 737) but later added to the general confusion by changing their tune. 

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