Thursday, 7 March 2013

Southern Africa Appeals Remain Unfunded, 6m Face Hunger

Six million people in southern Africa are staring serious, severe food insecurity and hunger in the face and repeated appeals appear not to be achieving results. Angola, Lesotho, Malawi and Zimbabwe have lots of problems. Apart from their unique situations - infrastructure and people recovering from civil war in Angola (complete with landmines), the lasting impact of controversial land redistribution in Zim, soil degradation in Lesotho, HIV/AIDS in Malawi, etc. - they share very serious vulnerabilities made worse by extreme, repeated cycles of droughts and floods.

IFRC (here) is talking about appeals receiving appallingly low levels of funding. Their Lesotho appeal ($1.2m) has brought in just 17% of the requested funds since October. Their Angola appeal is at 4%. Malawi and Zimbabwe appeals, in countries with greater media coverage, are better off, at 57% and 33% respectively, but still far from fully-funded.

Southern Africa doesn't get as much attention as central or east Africa but people are struggling here too and, if these levels of funding continue and spread, go hungry just as easily.

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