Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Zim Referendum Set For March

Zimbabwe will vote on a proposed new constitution in a referendum set for 16 March, after the country mysteriously (miraculously) found the funds to pay for the vote - a few weeks back, there were claims they had just a few hundred dollars in the bank. From the African Elections Project story:
The Constitution select Committee (COPAC) of Zimbabwe will officially launch a campaign today to educate citizens about the Constitution in various parts of the country ahead of the referendum slated for March 16. This follows the successful mobilization of funds by Government from local sources.
Members of parliament have apparently been mandated to educate people in their constituencies. Which sounds, you know, ideal given that they were elected under a constitution and electoral system so bad that a new constitution had to be developed. But hopefully this will not overshadow this important vote. Civil society (at least those not already deregistered) will also be involved. 

Zimbabwe has also announced that only SADC election monitors will be allowed to monitor its votes this year. And police have declared civil society a serious security threat to the country.

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