Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Zimbabwe to Export Nurses

Zimbabwe is to begin exporting nurses to various countries, including "Europe, Australia and the Sadc region". Zimbabwean nurses have been working internationally for many years, many, in fact, supporting their families through Zim's era of hyperinflation and financial crisis. This, however, is the first time that the Zimbabwean government will take a direct hand in the process.

It all began when the Zimbabwean government required that newly-qualified nurses work for the state. This is not that unusual and is aimed at ensuring that the public health sector benefits from high levels of investment in health care education. Unfortunately, it becomes a fairly serious problem when the government can't afford to hire the nurses who are now required, by law, to work for the government. The Zimbabwe Nurses Association estimated 1800 nurses without jobs who were supposed to be working for the state ("bonded" to the state).

The government found a solution. Noting that Cuba benefits financially from exporting doctors all over the world, Zimbabwe has set up a scheme to export nurses. Just to be clear, several countries have benefited quite a lot from the help of Cuban doctors. And Zimbabwean nurses have certainly been in demand internationally. This also has interesting potential in the case that these nurses choose to return home after their international experience. Of course, a million things could go wrong, but it is a very, very different take on the African brain-drain scenario and raises interesting questions about the role of migration in development.

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