Tuesday, 27 November 2012

More Deporting Of People

In other migration news, South Africa has apparently deported 43 000 Zimbabweans since October 2011. South Africa suspended the requirement for Zimbabweans to have visas to be in the country a few years back, according to media reports because the home affairs department couldn't cope. South Africa's unwillingness to invest in the capacity of the country to process applications for asylum, refugee status, visas and work permits remains worrying. In 2011, the country reversed its decision and gave Zimbabweans a deadline to regularize their stay in the country. 275 000 Zimbabweans went through the long, drawn-out and often expensive process, but many didn't manage it. Deportations have since resumed.
Police officer commanding Beitbridge district Chief Superintendent Lawrence Chinhengo said yesterday that they were receiving an average of between 200 and 300 deportees from South Africa per day.
It may not be the most effective strategy: 
At the IOM centre, the deportees are offered food and transport to their homes, but 40 percent of them shun the assistance opting to quickly go back to South Africa.
There are over 200 illegal crossing points along the Limpopo River covering an area of over 300 kilometres. 

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