Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Zim farm invasions continue

Every so often, another study comes out with  the conclusion that the Zim land redistribution, with its uncontrolled seizure of commercial farms, wasn't so bad after all.The logic is generally that the new farmers are producing some food, so it must be okay. This is a little like saying that South Africa's economy and Mozambique's economy grew at a similar rate so they must be the same size. The food system is also ill-suited to the nee reality. The market is set up to buy and distribute large volumes of the type of produce produced by large commercial farms. An awful lot of Zimbabweans still rely on imported food aid.

And the farm invasions are still going on, including a training centre and a conservancy. Land is a tricky issue but a new wave of invasions every election isn't going to help an already ailing food and farming system.

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