Sunday, 3 June 2012

Lesotho Election Round-up

Last weekend Lesotho voted in parliamentary elections. The elections failed to produce an outright winner and on Tuesday soldiers were deployed in the capital, Maseru as activists and commentators worried that the prime minister, Mosisili might not accept the result:

"The opposition is trying to announce that it has formed a coalition against Mosisili because they have sufficient numbers to form a government," said Hoolo 'Nyane, director of the Transformation Resource Centre, a Maseru think-tank. "But Mosisili doesn't seem to be ready to relinquish power. Even his supporters are trying to fabricate new interpretations of the constitution." 
By Wednesday, five opposition parties had announced their coalition, giving them 64 seats in the 120-seat parliament. Constitutionally the party with the largest vote-count has first-option to form a coalition government but this seemed unlikely by that point. This was confirmed on Wednesday afternoon when Prime Minister Pakalitha Mosisili resigned.

Mosisili, who has led the Lesotho for 14 years will now lead the parliamentary opposition.

Another Southern African country to transition peacefully from one leadership to another. That's Zambia, Malawi and Lesotho in the last little while. Angola up on August 31. Interesting to see if they follow the trend.

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