Friday, 11 May 2012

Sata: meeting opposition is meddling

Worrying noises from Zambia as President Sata tells EU officials that they shouldn't be meeting with opposition parties because it amounts to meddling in the country's internal affairs. 
"We do not do it in Europe, and why should they do it here? I am therefore directing the minister of foreign affairs to address the issue of diplomats meddling in internal affairs of the country," Sata said on state radio.
Sata has been cracking down on corruption and beginning to repair some of the damage done by the previous regime but members of the opposition claim they are being unfairly targeted in the anti-corruption campaign.  No-one is saying the opposition's claims are true, but a bit problematic that the president apparently doesn't want them speaking to outsiders. I'm pretty sure no-one in Europe would stop him meeting their opposition parties if he so desired.

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