Saturday, 21 April 2012

Update: Oxfam and the bras

Great, balanced piece from Duncan Green on Oxfam's Big Bra Hunt. Also, good comments.

Oxfam also appears to have removed the bit about bras and sexual violence I talked about here, I'm glad to see.

Personally, I'm still unconvinced by the market arguments myself - if there is demand, bras from developing countries could be filling that demand, even if the bras aren't actually produced in the specific country where they're sold. Intra-African trade seems like it would do more good than encouraging poor women to build their entire livelihoods around a market system that depends on UK women continuing to donate bras to Oxfam. Surely pro-poor market-facing projects should be building independence from donated stuff?

On a more general note, great to see Oxfam people are able to discuss their own campaign critically. Wish more NGOs and NGO experts would or could debate their own campaigns this openly and lucidly.

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