Tuesday, 17 April 2012

About the elephants

Update: Make that three African Elephant Stories:

Cameroon drought increases poaching

Two contrasting stories about elephants:

The first, a BBC piece arguing that poaching of elephants in Africa is on the rise and it's because of increasing demand in "Asia and China".

The second, an article about Gwembe District - a district already facing fairly serious food insecurity and harvest failures - where people are desperately trying to get the Zambian Wildlife Authority (ZWA) to take action to keep stray elephants from destroying their crops. Because elephants come onto farm land when there are too many elephants.

Moral of the story? Africa really isn't just one country. *glares at BBC*

PS The rhinos, now, really are in serious danger in South Africa and CITES was more concerned about preserving endangered species than placating bunny-hugging greenie fundamentalists, they'd do something about the booming rhino-horn trade in Vietnam.

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