Sunday, 4 March 2012

Name-the-country weekend news roundup

Headline: Army on the Rampage
Country? Swaziland.
The trouble with a crisis like the one Swaziland has been experiencing (amongst other things), is that it is very hard to go back to the way things were before and this piece from OSISA looks at an army seemingly no longer recognising the authority of the civilian (albeit monarch-led) government.

Headline: CNN Journalists Detailed
Country? Mozambique
A CNN crew were arrested for filming a market without police authorisation. The arrest appears, however, to have been an attempt on the part of the police involved to score a bribe - there is no such crime - and when the General Command of the Police and the Attorney General heard about it, they ordered the immediate release of the journalists.

Headline: Ethnic Tension in Presidential Succession Race
Country? Namibia
Months before Namibia's presidential race even begins, this opinion piece argues, the succession race has already sunk into ethnic slurs. The article argues that simmering tensions must be contained.

Headline: Information Minister Attacks Newspaper's Assessment of Government 
Country? Malawi
Malawi's Information Minister has pronounced the country's Sunday Times "unsuccessful" after a negative review of government performance, but the editor isn't worried,
Three years ago, when this government was delivering services, respecting the rule of law, was opening up democratic space and had the goodwill of everyone, our assessment reflected that reality and the same minister hailed The Sunday Times as a shining example of good, incisive, analytical journalism.
And this in a country where the Info Minister can theoretically shut down a paper deemed 'not in the public interest'. Perhaps things are not always as bad as they seem on paper.

And finally...
Headline: Laptop Thieves Crack State Security
Country? (It could only be) South Africa
Somewhat inept South African State Security Minister, Siyabonga Cwele, who not too long ago had to face the shocking verdict that his wife had been a drug-smuggling mastermind without him noticing, has egg on his face again after thieves broke into the fortified building that houses his office and stole laptops containing sensitive information. Oh well, at least South Africans can take comfort in the knowledge that the State Security Agency probably isn't able to pull off any elaborate conspiracies or cover-ups.

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