Friday, 16 March 2012

Angola to strengthen ties with Russia

One doesn't hear much anymore of Russia in Africa. The dominant foreign powers seem, these days, to be China and the USA/Europe, with Brazil making moves to get a piece of the pie. But it's not that long ago since Russia was a major player on the Cold War African scene. This week, Angola is meeting with Russian officials to discuss stronger ties.

Angola's oil wealth makes it a fairly attractive ally but the country also has a history, albeit a somewhat complicated one, and the deal they're currently looking at involves mutual assistance in the area of dealing with ex-combatants. Apart from a long and damaging civil war, Angola battled South Africa for years in one of the hot bits of the Cold War.

More recently, Angola has shown its muscle, bailing out a failing Portugal in the economic country. Perhaps Angola plans to bring Russia back in from the cold, too?

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