Friday, 6 January 2012

Zimbabwe teachers to strike

Teachers' Unions in Zimbabwe have announced that their members will not report for work when schools open next week unless the government agrees to raise salaries to what they say is the basis minimum level needed for survival, as well as reconsidering housing and transport allowances. Mugabe met with civil servants last year and promised to double salaries using income from diamond sales. This never happened. ZANU PF blames Finance Minister Tendai Biti. Biti says the money from diamonds isn't reaching the treasury and the government is broke. Parliamentarians, meanwhile, were recently able to pressure the government into paying out allowances owed to them. Teachers' Unions say this is clear evidence that money exists. 

PTUZ secretary-general Raymond Majongwe said the decision to strike would not be reversed "We know that government has money and we have been watching them," Majongwe is quoted as saying.
 Zimbabwe's education system used to be recognised as one of the best in Africa but years of mismanagement, underpayment of teachers and a shift away from internationally-recognised curricula and examination systems have undermined the ability (and sometimes motivation) of Zimbabwean teachers to offer their students the world class education that used to be standard for the country.

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