Thursday, 8 December 2011

More reasons I will never understand academia

Oxford University headline big news today: ‘Most poor people don't live in the poorest countries'
An Oxford University study of 1.65 billion of the world's poor shows that over twice as many live in 'middle-income' countries as in 'low-income' countries.
IDS release 22 October 2010:
Andy Sumner's new research, Global Poverty and the New Bottom Billion, says that popular understandings of global poverty are based on the false premise that poor people all live in poor countries. In fact, three quarters of the world's 1.3bn or so poor people live in middle income countries such as India, China, Nigeria, Pakistan and Indonesia.
I don't care how special you are (*Oxford*), you can't be the first to discover something that someone else wrote about a year ago. You just can't. Plus, New Bottom Billion is so much more catchy.

P.S. This, right here, may be one of the reasons it's difficult to get reporters to write about the results of academic studies

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