Sunday, 4 December 2011

Homicide stats map

From the UNODC Global Study on Homicide 2011 (pdf)

Sometimes facts totally upset preconceptions. I had an inkling SA would be higher than the DRC, but what's up with Zambia? I was there just last month and at least three Zambians told me how peaceloving their people are while shuddering at the thought of living somewhere as dangerous as South Africa. Right. Also Uganda.

In other news, homicide in Cape Town has dropped by 50% and the decline in homicides in SA has been a simultaneous drop in gun and non-gun homicides which, the report suggests, shows improvement in underlying conditions. Which is encouraging, as a South African. 

H/T Duncan Green's post I somehow missed in October

In other news, have a look at this piece from Duncan Green's From Poverty to Power blog Friday on chronic violence. Raising interesting questions for development policy.

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