Thursday, 13 October 2011

Gender in education - Zambia

A  provincial government leader in Zambia has called on female teachers to take advantage of offers of higher positions in rural areas, arguing that men are achieving promotions because they're willing to work outside of urban areas while women aren't. She also challenged female teachers to take opportunities for higher education opportunities.

Achieving gender equity in higher positions is an important goal but what happens when the only way to advance is to move to rural areas to take up senior positions. Especially in societies where women are expected to stay at home while it is acceptable for men to move around for their work. If that's what is happening. Should the system find a way to make it easier for women to take up senior positions? Should women be preferred for urban area positions over men because it might be easier for men to move around? This issue has always bothered me. Is it more complicated in developing Africa or does the same kind of quandary exist everywhere?

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