Monday, 31 October 2011

DRC elections: militants rearming, activists warn

This rather troubling article reports that peace activists in the DRC are receiving reports that militias are rearming and regrouping ahead of upcoming elections on fears of widespread vote-rigging in cooperation with the government of Rwanda. This is bad. Any peace in that part of the world is fragile to say the least, but right now South Sudan is just trying to get set up as a country, Northern Uganda is finally recovering from the LRA and the CAR is reporting a few successes in getting people to the negotiating table. If war breaks out again in the Eastern DRC, all of that is at risk. Here's hoping things are more peaceful that people are expecting and that the election is something approaching a real election. Anyone know if that's likely?

*Update: It appears MONUSCO is trying. Hope they'll be successful! (Both from a general preference for not having massive instability in the middle of my continent and because I'm scheduled to be in the Eastern DRC in late December!)

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