Sunday, 11 September 2011

Namibia shines in competitiveness rankings

Namibia is now the fourth most competitive country in Africa. This is great news for a country that has been working hard to grow its economy, in particular through mineral exports. Of course the country still faces many challenges, not least of which is particularly high levels of inequality. But development has been good. It's probably important to mention - and something which many people forget or simply don't know - that Namibia also endured the horror of South African Apartheid - South Africa took over the country after World War I and implemented Apartheid in what was for many years considered South Africa's fifth province (at least by South Africa - everyone else was less convinced). My limited sense of Namibia is that this is a country with quite a lot of accountability to the people. Good to see it working. Yay for Namibia.

h/t UN Dispatch

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