Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Chiefs oppose vigil - Malawi

Traditional leaders in Malawi have called on civil society to call off the vigil scheduled for Wednesday, 17 August. They argue that grievances should be raised in dialogue with the government and warn that the vigil could result in loss of life and damage to property. Traditional leaders in July aligned themselves with a pro-government group calling themselves 'concerned citizens' who threatened to oppose the 20 July marches.

Meanwhile, the Malawi Human Rights Commission has found that live bullets were fired into largely peaceful demonstrations by police on July 20.

August 16 was the deadlines set for the president to respond to the demands of the protesters or face further mass action. Organisers have announced that a vigil intended to get the government to respond to their demands will begin at 8am on 17 August and continue for 48 hours. This may be followed by mass action.

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