Friday, 1 July 2011

Moz taxi drivers reject inspections

Owners and drivers of mini-bus taxis in Mozambique, along with other motorists, have expressed opposition to a government plan to inspect vehicles for roadworthiness. They claim that the real problem is the potholes, not the vehicles. The potholes in Mozambique are something to see. Seriously, in some places there seems to be more pothole than road. But the fact that there are potholes doesn't change the fact that there are unroadworthy vehicles. An industry that runs on repeat customers should probably try not to kill off its customers. Just a thought. And this applies equally to taxi drivers in South Africa who, for example, object to the introduction of a demerit system because they claim that it would be taking their livelihoods to penalise them for breaking the law.


  1. Not sure if I've ever said how useful I find your blog. Keeps me updated about issues which are incredibly important but which often fall off my radar in the daily grind. Thanks for your well-researched and well-written contributions to my world view.