Friday, 17 June 2011

On blogging

Great piece from Duncan Green/From Poverty to Power on blogging, whether it is going away and why it is useful. Completely agree on most points but particularly the idea of blogging as a reason to be engaged. Without the pressure to produce writing on a regular basis, it's awfully easy to cut off from new ideas or to become lazy. Also, of course, the opportunity to have ones ideas and assumptions challenged and upset - as I've been particularly aware of in my other blogging life over at African Scene this week.

I think blogs also have the potential to be of particular use to those working in aid and development far from the centre(s) - it's far easier and more plausible to keep up to date with new thinking and developments via blogs commentary read on a regular basis than to find - and find the time to read - academic and policy papers while working in places with limited internet and even less access to academic libraries. Even when papers are easily available, blogs provide the conversation and stimulation that is difficult to achieve without access to seminars, lectures and meetings. I certainly hope the blogging bubble doesn't burst. I think the field, particularly in developing nations, would be poorer for it.

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