Sunday, 12 June 2011

Link: Uganda

Great piece on the situation in Uganda here at African Arguments. Really useful explanations and great analysis. Also, insightful take on ballot-box politics in African states. Here is a snippet:

Unsurprisingly, even if the conditions of the electorate – as noted with the fast rising urban underclass that have been crucial in the Egyptian, Tunisian and Libyan iterations of popular change – ballot battles have not tapped into common issues like the state of public goods and services. Uprooting Mr. Museveni through elections has defined Uganda’s opposition and certainly limited its imagination. The Walk to Work protests, which originated within civil society, injected a freshly imagined appeal to change or transformation outside elections, and happened in spite of the Opposition. Ironically, the involvement of the Opposition – especially Dr. Kiiza Besigye – has returned it to the realm of regime change politics and curtailed its impact.

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