Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Election Season Africa: Madagascar, Cameroon

Madagascar’s self-declared president is planning polls between May and November this year but a group of international law-makers (including EU representatives) has urged the country to set up a transitional government to return the country to constitutional democracy, before an election is held. The EU suspended aid last year amid concerns about the lack of an internationally-accepted transition body. SADC meets soon to discuss ways of restarting the stalled election process.

In Cameroon, second ruling-party member has declared the intention to run against incumbent president Paul Biya in October presidential elections. Biya has been in power for 29 years. There is growing frustration in Cameroon where parliament has passed a law preventing the electoral body from announcing provisional results in future elections, a move seen by opposition groups as an attempt to illegitimately secure another term for Biya. Reforms in 2008 removed term-limits in the country.

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