Thursday, 17 March 2011

Constitutional courts ftw

I saw a sign on TV the other day, held up by a protester in Yemen, Libya, Bahrain, somewhere with protests, calling for the establishment of a constitutional court. Protesters, 'rebels' are calling for not only reform but institutions to guarantee the rights enshrined in the new constitution they want created will be upheld.

In the unlikely event that anyone reading this is not convinced of the usefulness of a constitutional court, South Africa's ConCourt today ruled that the laws used to disband of the country's high-level anti-corruption unit, The Scorpions, are invalid because the new unit that replaced them (The Hawks) isn't independent enough. The move to disband the Scorpions has always been attributed to the desire of senior ruling  party members to be above the law and heavily criticized by opposition and civil society, so this will be seen by many as a victory against nepotism, corruption and possibly the ANC.

So, ja, constitutional courts are cool and everyone should probably be allowed to have one.

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