Sunday, 27 February 2011

Tell me again about the success of Zim land reform?

Zim small farmers are very hopeful. They are hoping that the bumper rain season - which caused flooding in several countries but also brought enough rain for crops - will produce a stronger harvest for them. This may even mean that the majority of Zimbabwe's rural population may not have to be entirely dependent on food aid this year. This would be a major change and a great restoration of dignity and self-sufficiency for these people. Of course, it is unlikely that the strong rainfall season will become the norm, given that is has not been over the past few decades, so this year's bumper crop, while it will be good for people now and allow them to create some sort of buffer or safety-net, they're going to be dependent on food aid again, unless some sort of system can be developed that allows the land to be used to produce enough food for everyone in the rural areas and perhaps even in the urban areas. Before land reform, Zimbabwe was the bread-basket of Southern Africa. Now farmers are thrilled if they produce enough food that they don't have to accept food aid.

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