Friday, 4 February 2011

Pro-government violence - Zimbabwe

While all eyes are on Egypt this week, Zimbabwe has also seen an increase in violence. Three people were reportedly hospitalised with injuries by Thursday and riot police had surrounded the Harare City Council offices.

The MDC has accused Zanu-PF supporters of threatening and assaulting MDC members. The Guardian reports that

Violence has surged in Zimbabwe with reports of mob attacks, death threats, politically motivated arrests and at least one shooting ahead of possible elections, civil rights groups claim.
At the same time, state media are claiming, according to VOA, that Zanu-PF supporters are simply trying to prevent Tsvangirai from instigating an Egypt-style uprising. 

Of course, violence in Zimbabwe is not a new phenomenon. Many people believe that this upsurge in violence is an indication of more to come in the build-up to elections the president has announced will be scheduled this year. The violence seems to be taking place mostly in the urban township areas around Harare. 

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