Monday, 14 February 2011

Election Season Africa: Round-up

Uganda goes to the polls this week, amid growing concern about what is going on in the country. Chris Blattman has a good summary of some of the issues and round-up of what other people-in-the-know are writing. The IMF on Friday refused to sign off on the new loan to the country, saying Uganda's economic policies were 'inconsistent' with what was previously agreed. Museveni has been trying to court new votes after losing some support in the South.

The results of the CAR presidential poll were announced, with Bozize winning 66% of the vote. Opposition candidates immediately declared the vote fraudulent. A spokesperson for rebel group CPJP, accused Bozize of an "electoral hold-up". Bozize accused opposition leaders of being terrorists. Clashes have been reported between soldiers and rebel groups in the East.

Niger is heading for a run-off presidential poll in March, which should return the country to civilian rule after a coup ousted the former president, Tandja, when he tried to extent his term in office. There has been concern that victory for a Tandja-ally might return the country to the same situation as before the coup. Opposition candidate, Issoufou, who led the first vote with 36%, has spent the last week creating a broad alliance with other opposition leaders which should win him the majority vote, assuming voters follow the leaders for whom they previously cast their ballots. The other candidate, Oumarou, is also working on building a coalition.

Chad on Sunday voted in the country's first parliamentary election in 8 years. The EU observer mission has said they did not pick up any instances of fraud, although voters appear unhappy with the way in which the election was run. Results are expected to be published in a few days.

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