Monday, 31 January 2011

Zimbabwe and the Ivory Coast

South Africa's Institute for Security Studies has a new analysis piece out on the possibility that Zimbabwe has been (or at least was up until the end of 2010) supplying arms to the Gbagbo regime in the Ivory Coast. This is obviously seriously worrying and particularly so because the article seems to come to the conclusion that it is not that far-fetched an allegation.

All of this becomes even more worrying in light of the announcement yesterday that the AU has appointed Mugabe as part of its high-level panel in the Ivory Coast. Of course, it is possible that the allegations are not true and/or that Mugabe has not been aware of the trade but there is definitely something unsavory about a potential arms-supplier to one party of a disputed election being part of a panel that claims independence in order to justify the recommendations it will make.

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