Thursday, 13 January 2011

The Week the World Went Mad (but in an amusing way)

It has been a pretty crazy week for me and a pretty important week for Sudan. One the side-lines, however, all sorts of odd things have been going on. In (or rather above) Sudan, George Clooney and friends have decided that satellites are the solution to all human rights abuses in conflict areas. See Andrew's glowing support for the project here on African Scene.

Not only do we have satellites fighting genocide, the latest in crime-busting technology is... lasers to fight pirates. These, it turns out, still need UN approval but surely not even the UN could resist the computer-game-like lure of Lasers vs Pirates!

Meanwhile, Paul Collier has taken the bold step of suggesting that the solution to Cote d'Ivoire;s crisis is for soldiers to remove the stubborn, powerful 'bad people' by force in what, as WrongingRights point out, would effectively be an internationally-mandated coup, thereby adding a whole new avenue of international-community response to crisis situations in Africa. I'm sure all African leaders will jump at the chance to have a flimsy set of guidelines defining under what circumstances a coup by their own armies could garner international support.

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