Saturday, 29 January 2011

Flooding in Southern Africa - Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa

Mozambique has begun to experience serious flooding this week. 6 people have drowned in the Limpopo (3 adults and 3 children) in various incidents. Just over 6000 people have been evacuated and a total of 12 000 in the Limpopo valley have moved from their homes as river levels continue to rise. 16000 hectares of crops have so far been destroyed. The Zambezi, Incomati and Maputo rivers are also above flood alert level. The National Disaster Management Institute has said that comparisons with the 2000 flooding are not valid but expressed concern particularly as dams continue to fill up and will need to keep releasing water.

In Namibia, precautions are being taken particularly in the northern Caprivi area, where the Zambezi River threatens homes and settlements. 1000 people have been moved from low-lying villages in the area. In the Oshana region, two primary schools have been closed because of flooding.

Flooding has also badly affected South Africa, where 33 municipalities in 8 of the 9 provinces have been declared disaster areas after flooding that is likely to cost the country hundreds of millions and has killed at least 70 people.

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