Friday, 21 January 2011

Flooding in Southern Africa - Mozambique

Heavy rains in Southern Africa have already taken their toll, with disaster areas declared because of flooding in 8 of South Africa's 9 provinces. Now downriver countries like Namibia and Mozambique are also bracing for the shock. According to this article, Mozambique is expecting the worst floods to hit the country since 2000 when 700 people were killed and millions of dollars of damage done to Mozambique's already limited infrastructure.

Huge efforts have since been made to streamline and improve Mozambique's disaster response capacity and it is hoped that the country will be able to handle these floods with less human cost, especially as neighbouring South Africa will have limited capacity to assist because they are facing their own flood-related challenges. Mozambique has also already begun to experience cholera this rainy season, a problem that could spread and/or be exacerbated by further flooding. For now, 7000 people in the Limpopo valley are anxiously watching the water level.

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