Monday, 17 January 2011

Election Season Africa: After Sudan

While counting goes on in the referendum in Sudan, several other African countries gear up for major elections in the next few months. Some of these may go off without a hitch. Others will be more problematic.

Congo Siasa blog is tracking developments in the lead-up to the Congolese elections, including constitutional amendments that fundamentally change the electoral system and give the president powers to dissolve provincial assemblies, remove governors and call referenda. Also, the justice minister will have more control over the prosecutor's office. Parts of the Congo are far from stable but this election is still crucial both for them and for the rest of the 70 million citizens of the DRC.

Just next door, Uganda is preparing for national elections next month and things are starting to get interesting already. Reuters reports today that the presidents son-in-law is accused of trying to bribe a prominent opposition leader to pull out of the elections. Corruption is expected to be one of the key issues in the February poll.

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