Friday, 17 December 2010

Wikileaks in Africa

Africa is, unsurprisingly, not exempt from the current diplomatic furore occasioned by the latest wikileaks releases. Earlier in the week, Namibia was hit by revelations of suspect relationships between government officials and Chinese business. Now the Mozambican Assembly has taken a stand, saying that "its agenda will not be dictated by the opinions of a man currently living in Afghanistan".

In this case, it appears the allegations discussed in the cables are not new, but this has not stopped Renamo from demanding action. Apparently, "Renamo regards the cables as "revelations" - although what is known to be true in them was covered by the Mozambican press years ago, and the new allegations are mostly cocktail circuit gossip, with no hard facts to back them up".

Nothing like a whistle-blowing website to spice up African politics. 

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