Friday, 24 December 2010

What's up with Malawi's VP?

Malawi's president, who is incidentally also the current AU president, recently fired the VP, apparently for refusing to endorse his brother as the party's next presidential candidate for 2014, although ostensibly because she engaged in 'anti-party activities'. It appears she isn't going quietly. It also appears the ruling party is rapidly losing its grip on the spin.

Yesterday, the national trade union (MCTU) demanded an apology from the president who had, apparently, tried to blame the now ex-VP for a protest march last June. The day before, women in the president's party took turns criticising and belittling Joyce Banda. They blame her for breaking up the Deputy Reserve Bank Governer's marriage, among other things (on a side note, I hate what that says about women!). Somewhat implausible conspiracy theories are being circulated.

Perhaps the change is legitimate and completely acceptable but it begins to sound a little as though the DPP is protesting a little too much?

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