Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Link round-up and Agriculture as Business

Young people who will be future policymakers and leaders should see agriculture as a business opportunity and not simply a means of survival
Yes, yes, yes! I could expand and explain (for probably quite a long time) but probably more useful just to go and check out the article. Suffice it to say I concur: Agriculture = Business + Entrepreneurship opportunity (especially with the right support - more on African Scene soon).

In other weirdness, the UN now has an online game about MDG progress, innovatively (-ly?) called the MDG Progress Game. I'm all for making info accessible and teaching interactive, but does stuff like this actually work? Beyond people who know already, I mean?

Also somewhat unusual unusually, this editorial from Zambia urges all Zambians to read the Anti-Corruption Act that is causing "hysteria" in the country, rather than simply believing  government, lawyers, activists, the clergy or the media.

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