Saturday, 13 November 2010

H1N1 in Namibia

It began with a school. Pupils at a school began complaining of flu-like symptoms. Two weeks later, the first cases has been confirmed. H1N1 had hit Namibia. In 2009, Namibia had fewer than 100 cases of "swine flu" and only one death. By October 27th, 1000 school children were being tested for the virus.

The outbreak has now spread, with 2000 people being treated by 10 November  in Keetmanshoop alone. The country earlier this year reported having sufficient stock to treat an outbreak, so it seems unlikely this will become a major emergency, although the outbreak is already placing significant strain on the health services. It would be great to see some analysis of where this outbreak came from. It is early summer in Namibia- not exactly flu season.

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