Thursday, 4 November 2010

Election Season: Africa - Cote d'Ivoire Presidential

Results are in in Cote d'Ivoire's long-awaited presidential election and it's a draw. None of the candidates has managed a clear majority. First placed incumbent Gbagbo (37% of the vote) and second-placed Outtara (with 3%) will now face a run-off election. Despite fears of violence and irregularities, the voting seemed to go relatively smoothly. There were 9500 UN peacekeepers in the country during the election.

The third-placed candidate, Henri Konan Bedie, had demanded that the Election Commission stop announcing results and has demanded a recount. His challenge could delay or derail a smooth transition to the next phase of voting but some analysis suggests that it is unlikely to succeed.

The election has been a close-run thing and tensions are likely to rise in the run-up to another round of voting.

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