Monday, 20 September 2010

Sharing *best* practice

As World Leaders (and most of the humanitarian community) meet in New York to review progress on the MDGs, a slew of new websites are being launched. What is great about these sites is that they're actively moving beyond poverty p*rn and creating a platform not only to highlight the problems but also to share the solutions. It's really exciting. Learning from mistakes is important but in a field like this, learning from successes is often way more effective. Here are just a couple of the interesting developments:

The Guardian's new Global Development site
ODI's Development Progress

Plus fascinating UNICEF research that says that providing services to the periphery might be more cost-effective than focussing on the more densely populated centre.

This, as some of the feedback and reports start to suggest that efforts in the past few years have in fact gone a long way towards attaining the goals. Sadly, Africa lags behind in just about every respect - yet another reason that the South African president should be there rather than at a party political congress (but that's a-whole-nother story) - so plenty of work still to do here.

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