Monday, 2 August 2010

Silver linings and the amazingness of FEED

I really, really hate job-hunting but there is one advantage: over days scouring the internet in search of someone who will pay a salary, I am sometimes lucky enough to trip over something amazing. Unsurprisingly, TED was the source of this one.

Today, I discovered FEED. FEED rocks. They're all about fixing hunger and obesity. That's right, both hunger AND obesity. Ambitious? Sure, but nothing good ever came of being timid.

Their first project was FEED bags - bags sold to raise funds for school feeding (a particular food security intervention that is so fundamentally logical to me that I still don't understand how people can be opposed to it).

Recently, they launched the far more ambitious 30 Project, aimed at fixing the global food system. Does that sound insane? It becomes less insane when you consider that the changes that have brought us to this crazy, unsustainable place have happened over the last 30 years. Things seem imminently more doable when one is reminded that it hasn't always been that way.

Watch the video, get excited, join in. Maybe, maybe, maybe one day I can work with people like these:

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