Thursday, 26 August 2010

See, it's not just me!

One of the problems with specialisation is that it isolates. The amount you know about a subject seems to be inversely proportional to the number of people with whom you'll be able to talk about it. Of course, in the world of blogs and twitters it's possible to find people with similar interests and ideas (and thereby ward off the fear that one is going slowly mad). I have become, in recent months, an avid reader of aidworker blogs. I particularly enjoy the dialogue between the various blogs that I follow - it creates just that artificial sense of community that the anti-tech people decry. And it's encouraging (soothing...?) to come across a blog post that echos my own more eccentric tendencies, such as, in this case, getting hopelessly excited about Gapminder. Especially when someone like Duncan Green of From Poverty to Power so eloquently explains why it's so damn cool:
It gives you a ringside seat for a speeded up history of the world – an Olympian feeling, not playing God exactly, but more like being in his/her monitoring and evaluation team.
On a completely different note, this dicussion of leadership in complexity made me stop and do a double-take. I used to work at an organisation where the leader was exactly all those adaptive-leader things. He rocked. I've never been so engaged and excited to work on something - and it was working on something rather than working for someone. And just to complete the contrast, the person who slowly took over from him (and drove me to the point of misery where I quit my job) exactly fitted the description of a traditional leader. How bizarre.

Also, oooh with the pretty pictures (explanation here)

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